The NHRA only had the one National event in 1959. It was called the U.S Nationals. This would be it’s fifth Annual National Championship Drag Races. Detroit Dragway held this event on Sept. 3rd to the 7th ..

The Nationals were billed as a double event. There was a car show, which later became known as the Detroit Autorama.

The NHRA did a nice two part movie about this event, called Ingenuity In Action”. 

 and they did a sound only recording at the event was was made into a record and sold.. We have an original ad from this event, along with an original program, and one of the records.

Detroit Dragway was a new track at this time, and was lacking some of the things the NHRA wanted, like better restrooms for one. After the 1960 Nationals this event was moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where it’s still held today. It has the nickname of “The Big Go”. The Nationals are known as the biggest race for the drag racing year.

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Sound from the 59 Nats record.