Gil Kohn opened Detroit Dragway in 1959 and the last race was held in fall of 1997. By 1998 the gates were locked and no further racing took place at Detroit Dragway.  Although it bares the name Detroit, Detroit Dragway was never in the city of Detroit, it was located in Brownstown Twp., MI. In both 1959 & 1960 Detroit Dragway hosted the US Nationals. This later moved to Indy, where it’s still held today.

Detroit Dragway hosted the top cars & drivers from all over the U.S.  

Around the middle 90’s the track was to be renovated with a multi million-dollar facelift,  but between local politics, and residents not wanting the noise and traffic this never took place.  The track was leveled, and the property became a trucking distribution center.

Although Detroit Dragway is gone, it is not forgotten.

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