Al Bergler Raced At Detroit Dragway

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Al Bergler “The Tin Man” One of the Detroit area best known hot rodder. From drag racing to building many hot rods for other drivers, Al Bergler brought so much to Detroit Dragway, and drag racing…

If you had ever been to Detroit Dragway in the 60’s & 70’s chances are you’ve seen one of Al Bergler’s hot rods blast down Detroit Dragway’s quarter mile.

There is so much Detroit Dragway history about Al Bergler here are a couple of links to sites with some great history on Al Bergler.  Just click the links below.

Hot Rod Magazine online


With our pages of the racers that raced at Detroit Dragway, we are only posting a few photos and just very brief information. We want to acknowledge the racers that made this track what it was. One of the top drag strips in the nation.

Thanks to Al Bergler, for all he did for Detroit Dragway, and drag racing.

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Here are a few photos of some of Al Bergler’s hot rods.