Conrad Decker Raced At Detroit Dragway

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Conrad Decker Raced At Detroit Dragway
A couple of years ago I met the late  Conrad Decker’s wife.  She told me about how much Conrad loved his hot rods, and racing at Detroit Dragway.  She gave me some of Conrad’s photos, and I purchased his trophy’s .
See a few of Conrad’s Photos below.
We all know the big names that raced at the Double D, but like every strip out there it’s the man & woman weekend racers that keep the tracks open. The same was for Detroit Dragway.  One of the people that raced at DD was Conrad Decker
 We want to acknowledge the racers, & staff that made this track what it was. One of the top drag strips in the nation.
Thank you for being part of this great track. Although Detroit Dragway is gone, it is not forgotten.
Keeping The Memory Alive 24/7 365 Days A Year.