Old Detroit Dragway Photos

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We were lucky enough to get a box of old photos a couple of years ago.  There are around 700, 5 x 7″ photos. most are from Detroit Dragway.  Some are from Motor City Dragway , and others are from drag strips across the country…

The local Detroit, and Motor city photos were taken by the late Doug Carnahan.   Doug had pen pals that he traded photos with for the ones that are not in Michigan.   I have posted a lot of the Detroit & Motor City one, and will post more in the future.  I may post the out of state ones at a later date.

I have placed them on our SmuMug account so you can view them.    They will show a buy button, but I have disabled the buying of these photos.

Thank you Doug Carnahan for recording these photos for us.

to see the photos just click this link