Photos From Ken Rappaport

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Here are a few photos from our FB friend, Ken Rappaport.

As always we thank everyone that shares their Detroit Dragway photos & memories with us.

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The first set of Ken’s photos

  Circa 1980 the late Kenny Baksa allowed me to shoe his new Pinto a couple of races and at the Div 3 finals at Indy as my dragster was broken. My first foray in a door slammer as I started my driving in a drag strip.


The second set of Ken’s photos


 I believe this is early 1981 at the DD. Well documented that Big and Ed Lenarth used the setup in their cars without success.


Thanks to everyone that shares old DD photos with us.  If you have any photos you would like to share, just email us, or post them on our FB group.

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Keeping The Memory Alive 24/7 365 Days A Year