Poncho Rendon’s “Detroit Tiger” Funny Car Raced at Detroit Dragway

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Poncho & Connie

Robert “Poncho” Rendon is another one of the local Detroit Dragway legends. He was born, and lived in the area (Roseville) not far from Detroit Dragway.

Poncho was not a driver, he found that not to be to his liking, but owned dragsters & Funny Cars, Probably the most famous of those was his Funny Car “Detroit Tiger”.

Poncho was also friends with Connie Kalitta and Shirley Muldowney, Don Garlits. If you saw the move Heart Like A Wheel it shows Poncho in it, and what he did for Shirley.

We here in the Detroit Dragway area were lucky to have so many people involved in drag racing, that helped shape drag racing into a great sport, and Poncho was one of thoses that left his mark.

Sadly Poncho passed away in 2005.

Here is a good link for info on Poncho –>  Hemmings


Pocho’s Funny Car “Detroit Tiger” has been beautifully recreated by Steve Timoszyk, from Michigan, and you can see it race in nostalgia events.

re-created nostalgia Funny Car “Detroit Tiger”


With our pages of the racers that raced at Detroit Dragway, we are only posting a few photos and just very brief information.

We want to acknowledge the racers/owners or staff that made this track what it was. One of the top drag strips in the nation.

Thanks to Robert “Poncho” Rendon for all he’s done for Detroit Dragway, and drag racing.

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