Roger Lindamood and Color Me Gone Raced At Detroit Dragway

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My all time favorite car & driver was, and still is Roger Lindamood & Color Me Gone. I had photos & models of this car back in the 60’s. I was lucky enough to see the new car first at the Detroit Autorama a couple of years back, and at the drag strip…

I was at the autorama on a move in day, and heard the sound of an open header motor. So when I made it to where that music was coming from I saw the new “Color Me Gone” being parked.

It was Roger’s son getting out of it, when I walked up we started a conversation, then he asked me if I wanted to see the motor. So I was lucky enough to get some good information & photos of this historic hot rod.

If you check the hot rod event’s in the Detroit metro area you will see Roger is still out here talking to his fans & signing stuff.

You can check the net for Roger’s information , but with our pages of the racers that raced at Detroit Dragway, we are only posting a few photos and just very brief information. We want to acknowledge the racers that made this track what it was. One of the top drag strips in the nation.

Thanks to Roger Lindamood and “Color ME Gone” for their contribution to Detroit Dragway, and drag racing.

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