William “Grumpy” Jenkins Raced At Detroit Dragway

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Grumpy is another one of the legends that raced at Detroit Dragway, and helped make it one of the hottest places to race. Detroit Dragway was one of the major dragstrips in the 60’s & 70’s. Most all the major racers wanted to race at the Dirty D.

Besides racing, Jenkins was also an engine builder & top mechanic, that helped with many new innovations for drag racing.

Jenkins was inducted in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2008. He was also inducted in the Motor Sports Hall Of Fame America 1996

Sadly Jenkins passed away on March 29, 2012

There is so much history about Jenkins on the internet Here is a good link for more information.

NYTimes    Click Here 

With our pages of the racers that raced at Detroit Dragway, or in this case the Voice Of Detroit Dragway, we are only posting a few photos and just very brief information.

We want to acknowledge the racers, or staff that made this track what it was. One of the top drag strips in the nation.

Thanks to William “Grumpy” Jenkins and for all he’s done for drag racing, and for racing at Detroit Dragway.

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